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The Walk-over survey

Aim: to compile a preliminary gazetteer of features within High Close.

Method: four groups each examined part of the enclosure, and compiled a record of features as well as identifying complex areas for further survey. Variations from the 1966 aerial photograph transcription were noted.

Results: field notes were entered into an Excel spreadsheet, and overlaps/omissions were identified. This will form the basic record of archaeological features in the area.

Surface finds: inevitably during the day some artefacts were spotted in mole-hills and rabbit scrapes. The small size of these objects shows how carefully the ground was being covered, and contrasts with the collections of larger, identifiable artefacts from neighbouring fields. Items include a retouched flint artefact, a small flint flake and a stone flake that may have been struck from a polished stone axe. The location of each object was logged by GPS

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